Google-translate: original Russian vs Google vs Me

Sentences from Master and Margarita, by Bulgakov, with google-translate’s result (“googlism”), and my translations.


original– Тут безумный расхохотался так, что из липы над головами сидящих выпорхнул воробей.

Google-Translate– Here insane laugh, so that over the heads of lime sitting sparrow fluttered

me– Here the lunatic burst out laughing such that a sparrow perched in the linden above their heads fluttered off.


originalТрамвай накрыл Берлиоза, и под решетку Патриаршей аллеи выбросило на булыжный откос круглый темный предмет

Google-Translate– Tram covered by Berlioz, and under the grate Patriarchal thrown on a cobblestone alley ditch round dark object

me– The tram covered Berlioz, and along the cobblestone gutter, and under a grate along Patriarch’s alley was thrown a round, dark object.


original– Турникет ищете, гражданин? – треснувшим тенором осведомился клетчатый тип, – сюда пожалуйте! Прямо, и выйдете куда надо.

Google-Translate– -Turnstile looking citizen? – Cracked tenor asked checkered type – here, please! Directly, and where to go out.

me– “Are you looking for the turnstile, citizen?” in a cracked tenor the checkered fellow asked, “this way, as you please! Straight ahead, and then go out wherever you need to.


original– В начинающихся сумерках Берлиоз отчетливо разглядел, что усишки у него, как куриные перья, глазки маленькие, иронические и полупьяные, а брючки клетчатые, подтянутые настолько, что видны грязные белые носки.

Google-Translate– Starting at dusk Berlioz clearly saw that he usishki like chicken feathers, eyes small, ironic and half drunk, and checkered trousers, smart enough to see the dirty white socks.

me– In the gathering dusk Berlioz clearly saw that he had mustaches like chicken feathers, eyes that were small, disdainful and half-drunk, and checkered trousers, pulled up so high that his dirty socks could be seen.


original– ..,вдруг развязно ответил сумасшедший и подмигнул

Google-Translate– ..,suddenly replied casually crazy and winked

me– ..,suddenly the madman answered casually and winked.


original– Ведь вот уже и вечер! А может, это и не он рассказывал, а просто я заснул и все это мне приснилось.

Google-Translate– Because that’s already evening! And maybe it’s not him talking, but I just fell asleep and dreamed it all to me.

me– Why, it’s already evening! Though maybe he was not telling it, but I just fell asleep and dreamed it all.



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